bestie betrayal?

i feel like betrayal is the right word for the emotion im experiencing but im not sure its the right accusation. does that make any sense?

i know we cant dictate who our friends are friends with but it’s allowed to hurt our feelings if our best friend is friends with someone who has hurt us deeply, isnt it?

especially when this person they are ‘friends’ with, makes your bestie feel like crap at every turn and yet she still chooses to befriend this person.

i know my best friend can sometimes be a doormat and that is HER issue that she needs to deal with but her actions affect me too.

or should i just suck it up and let it be? it’s not got anything to do with me, her relationship with this person, yet Facebook lets me see their interactions so i let myself get sucked into the drama.

in a perfect world we could tell people who to be friends with and all would be great :)
i guess im allowed to feel what i feel but not let it come between our friendship. its her life, her decision, her mistake.

let it go.

Love yourself.

~the hook oooooxo