a loss for words

im really bad in these situations.

probably because i’ve not had many experiences with them but mostly because there really isnt anything you can say to someone who is suffering. you cant assure them that everything will be ok because then you feel like shit when its not. you cant tell them theyll get through it because what if its so bad that they cant? you can apologize but that just doesnt cut it.

i just sent her a text telling her i love her and im here for her…if she wants me to do the laundry or just wants a shoulder to lean on. thats the best i could come up with.

my friend might be really sick. no one knows anything yet. she’s in the testing phase. biopsies, PET scan, ct scan, blood tests and eventual surgery no matter the results.

both of her parents died of cancer. she’s scared shitless.

her husband is scared shitless. we all are. i know we’re not the only ones.

i’ve never been exposed to this before. ive never directly known anyone with cancer or gone through this possibility of cancer stuff before. i guess im a lucky one.

my husbands mother died of cancer years before i met him. he said they never told her she had it, she was terminal. died within 3 months of her diagnosis.

so he doesnt know what to say either.

i guess we just keep hugging and waiting for her to speak first.

as sad as this sounds, we are all acting positive. its most likely just a cyst, benign and beautiful.

she WILL be ok, she’s gonna get through it :)
Love yourself.

~the hook xxxxx