from Indulgy to Wendy

Lastnight, i was googling reviews on the Indulgy website, which is one of those Pinterest imitators, wondering if its worth a join and it led me to a great article on the top 6 sites like Pinterest on Paperblog. I get to the end of the article and im not sure why but an article on revisiting historical sites in New York state caught my eye. Now, i used to live NY adjacent (Southern Ontario) but now live across the atlantic and am not planning any trips to NY in the near future so id have no reasonable interest in reading this article, but the first five words of said article told me to check it out….

”Now that I’ve lost weight,”

Reading through the post, i just kept thinking.  I like this woman. I need to read more. I wonder how much she’s lost. She cant be as big as me. Then I saw her…well her back in 2010. She is as big as me! 385lbs of her. im at 384 today. Now i have to find out more about much as she lost? how has she done it? surgically? now im not diminishing weight loss through surgery but its not what i want for myself. i want it naturally. and this woman is doing it! has done it.

i had to read on….i read a few more of her articles on paperblog then found her blog – Wendy’s Adventures in Weight Loss.

I read almost every single one of her posts lastnight. i am her, she is me, we are united in fatdom and weight-loss struggles.
there is nothing more motivating and inspiring than finding someone who weighs the same as you and knowing they did it. seeing people who weigh less than you lose weight can sometimes be unmotivating, because they are already smaller than you. and seeing people who weigh more when youre close to 400lbs, usually means youre watching a tv program on morbidly obese people being cut out of homes and put in hospitals. being on the cusp of that should be motivation enough but denial is a wicked blinder.

Wendy has written a series of ‘Life at 385’ on her blog which spoke to me. having to haul your feet up by your pant leg, being fearful of seating in public, clothes shopping, etc.  i cant tell you how wonderful it was reading that someone else experienced those things too. and knowing that she wasnt suffering that bullshit anymore meant maybe i could dig my way out too.

it doesnt feel like living when you would rather sit at home with your husband and cats than go out to dinner for fear the seats might have arms or you may have to sit in a booth that you cant fit in.

thank you, Wendy. thank you for showing me it can be done!!

you are my hero :)


the hook xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “from Indulgy to Wendy

  1. I’m so honored that you found me important enough to mention me on your blog. This made me cry. For the record, I’m doing it on my own. No surgery, but I did go down that road twice. I’ll have to do a blog post about that :-)

    • of course i had to post about it! i was meant to find your blog :) just as you were meant to write it so that people such as myself could find inspiration in your journey.
      i know you are doing it on your own and i really admire that. i think for people at our starting weights it can be daunting to think about losing so much weight without surgical assistance but to give it a real go and be successful at it is admirable. im not saying surgery is weak. not at all. i just think sometimes it is offered too quickly to patients by doctors who see many dollar signs.i truly believe any weight loss journey needs to be paired with some type of emotional outlet..whether its professional therapy or what youre doing, writing a brutally honest blog. we put on weight for an emotional reason, yes food physically added the weight to our bodies, but emotions drove us to overeat so figuring out those can only help to avoid repeating the past.
      i wish you all the best on your journey and i hope to be following in your footsteps :)

  2. It’s funny. both of you blogging, same name, almost identical start weight. I know you are looking forward and want to know how she did it going down but I would like to know how all of us did it going up? What were we thinking as we ate and ate, went up in clothing size, lost that ability to see the tops of our shoes and yet continued upward and onward. Is food that interesting in quantities?who doesn’t dream, even taste that fried chicken, dripping in lard and salt and so tasty you want more and more? But, alas, you must look inside to the arteries, sludge-ridden and alas you say, I could care less about Mr Fried Chicken who is trying to destroy me. I want a lasting arrangement. Pass Ms. Nutrient, she’s friendly and wants to have a lasting relationship!

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