motivational donkeys

I live in a quaint Irish town. you know, the ones you see on postcards with all the brightly coloured buildings in the town centre with teeny cobbled roads running around them. its a beautiful (little, to my north american standards) town and one of the larger towns in the country. but it gets boring to walk around ona weekly, nevermind daily, basis so on this journey to a healthier me ive had to figure out where im going to go a walkin’. i dont have my full license nor do we have a running car that i could use to take me to the nice woods on the edge of town for long quiet walks so i have to figure out safe areas for walks where the close proximity of footpath to speeding cars/trucks doesnt put my head  at risk of decapitation (seriously, the sidewalks and roads are so small that when a truck or bus go barreling by you cant be on the outer part of the path for fear of having your head knocked off by a side view mirror).

im happy to say ive found a nice walk, for now, that i can do safely with my ipod and also feeds my need for purposeful walking.

theres a nice long road that curves around the estates in this area and the houses on it are the edge of this part of town so behind them are train tracks and farmers fields. one of these houses is actually a donkey sanctuary.

lastnight, i went for my first walk on this journey. it took a lot of ‘psyching up’. the old me is still in there trying to find excuses not to go but im accountable to my therapist and i couldnt come up with a good enough excuse to tell her why i didnt go for the walk, i just got out and got going!

i finally charged my old school ipod, the thick 32gb 3rd gen without touch screen, and made up a little playlist of beastie boys check your head, nikka costa and kings of leon (their best album aha shake heartbreak). i swear, nothing works better at clearing out your head than listening to ‘so whatcha want‘ at full volume with the wind blowing in your face.

so i started walking. i went as far as i could and that was 20 minutes at a good pace for someone my size and it led me right to the donkeys. so i crossed the street and watched them for a minute. so peaceful and sweet with their massive heads and sad eyes. there were only two there lastnight. munching on grass and swishing tails. the smaller of the two looked up and headed my way. id say he was hoping for a treat. when he got to the gate i could see the disappointment in his eyes when he saw me empty-handed. i scratched his head and promised him some crunchy carrots next time.  

what a great halfway point for my walks. to be greeted by such a smiley nonjudgemental face. the perfect motivator for me.

i hope hes there tomorrow.

my new donkey friend.

Love yourself.

the hook xoxo

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