just happy.

i have dozens of things i could whinge about today in my blog but i just dont feel like it.

i feel like being…just happy.
happy with waking up a little later than i’d wanted to.

happy with my husband for waking up even earlier than me and feeding the cats.

happy to be cuddling a gorgeous feline, happy to be drinking a cold cup of coffee, to be sitting near my handsome husband who’s too busy listening to the fighters of foo and messing around with his nat status on his ps3 to even see me smiling at him.
its nice to choose happiness. i know that sounds silly. but i dont think enough people choose happiness anymore.

of course, we can all get bogged down in daily stress and worries but what good does it do any single one of us or the world we live in?

ive never been a worrier or a stresser really. i just dont see the point. sure i get angry or frustrated with things, but either solve the problem or move on. worrying or stressing about things out of your control, which is almost everything, is unnecessary and energy completely wasted.

i finished crocheting a dress for a lovely little girl in my life. im really happy with it. i didnt use any pattern, i just took a chance on myself and i did it! its amazing what crocheting has done for my confidence. i never thought of myself as an artsy person. art was the class i feared most. i was always a science and maths girl. give me numbers and vectors any day! paint? expression? scary stuff! but a hook and some yarn? im ready to go!

i know it’s not art art but it is art in a way.

my original design :)

i cant wait to post it and then see a photo of her in it. im hoping it fits. im sure it will.

so yeah, being happy today. not that im not happy every other day but im really dwelling on it today. ive decided we’ll have brinner tonight because every happy day should end with breakfast for dinner! thats the rule.

i was going to clean the bathroom but happy days arent for toilet scrubbing, thats what mondays were designed for :)

so thats it for today.

just happy.

i hope you choose happiness today.

love yourself :)

~the hook ooox

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