love for all, a punch for one.

yesterday was a day of thought.
being international women’s day, i thought a lot about women in my life and the word feminism. i realized feminism isnt that scary. it’s not something  i want to keep distancing myself from. feminism is just the simplicity of women wanting equal rights to men. rights is the key word here. i used to think it was about being equal to men, and we’re not. we never will be. and that’s ok! we shouldnt be. in some cases we may be but generally, we wont.
i don’t want to be equal to men. i love my femininity. i love the silent strength of women. i think feminism is misunderstood a lot. i think a lot of women feel feminism means they need to go out and get careers and ‘wear the pants’ and burn a bra or two. and a lot of men think feminist=man hater. when in fact its the opposite of both. feminism means be what you want to be but make sure it’s where you want to be and on your terms. make sure, if youre in paid employment you’re getting equal wages to your male counterparts. feminism means love men! love women! love all humans! feminism is just the specific fight for the rights of women worldwide.
we should all be feminists. we should all be fighting for all of our rights wherever they are trying to be stripped from us.

thats all the preaching for today.

i, also, thought about my closest friend. how hurt im feeling lately. its really just a cycle in our friendship, ive realized. she gets caught up in her own life, as we all can do, and she just doesnt connect with me for a while. and i say it doesnt bother me for a week or so and then it really gets to me and i get hurt then mad. she doesnt answer my calls then doesnt return them. she doesnt reply to mails or messages within a reasonable amount of time. yet she has time to post ridiculous reposts on facebook or quote some shitty movie. or as she did last night, post some cryptic update that stunk of attention seeking , it made me feel sick. pleading with a higher power to please just make everything all right…she repeated the same line about three times. that was the post. and of course they all came out to play. all the other dramatic attention seekers on her friends list..oh no are you ok? whats wrong? can we help?


ya, fuck off. with your  crying out for attention on facebook or any other social media. if you need a friend, pick up the fucking phone. i know its not serious because id hope she would have called me. so ill leave it for a day or two and ill call her on the weekend. and ill let it slide because for some reason i dont think she could take the truth. she is doing better but she still struggles with depression and anxiety and i never know if its her or the mental disease affecting her judgement….sometimes it doesnt matter and it just makes my blood boil.

i just get tired of the selfishness. the work it takes to keep the friendship alive. i love her so much and cant imagine my life without her. i just want to punch her face in sometimes :)
ya. i needed that.
thank you.

Love yourself.

the hook ooxo

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