what i wanna do for money, honey!

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this. I’m sure i have.

I love to crochet.

It’s more than a hobby now. I think about it when I’m not doing it. I want to do it all the time. I’m always thinking about what next new amazing thing i can crochet!  it’s a cruel world, the world of crochet..well the business world of crochet.

I think ive finally settled on what id like to make and sell, my niche, if you will. Rag rugs.

I know a lot of people are doing them but not a lot are doing it well. there is one lady I’ve found on etsy who amazes me and I would like to become the Irish version of her-successfully that is, id have my own designs. Check her Etsy shop out : www.etsy.com/shop/ekra

She has a cat rug that i need to figure out how to make for me :) i just love it!

Cat Rug By EKRA

It’s gorgeous isn’t it? what amazing creativity!

I’ve got a bunch of old sheets and clothes i need to sort through and start cutting. I also have a few normal crochet projects i need to finish before i get too far into my rag rugging. My sister-in-law came by last night for a coffee and talk, which ends up lasting 4 to 5 hours and aways ends with her yelping about how late it is and rushing off into the night. love her. would never be friends with her if she wasnt my husband’s sister but she’s lovely. she’s one of those 40 y/o women who still squeals with excitement at Westlife going on tour :) im not judging..she’s just different to me.

anyway, she’s asked me to make her a purple bag with a toggle clasp. and to make her son a black cowl, apparently it’s a big hit with the boys  this year, The Cowl. SO those two projects added on to the two ive commissioned myself for. one being a little yarn rug for my two boys and the other a summer dress for my best friends daughter. ive never made a dress before and have decided to attempt it without a pattern! essentially creating my own pattern. i probably should have written things down as ive gone along but i guess i can figure it out afterwards. i always do this! i start making something without a pattern and forget to write it as i go. mostly its just been wash cloths and hats which are simple to count stitches.

oh well, ill sort it! or it can just be a one of a kind!

i should be busy hooking for at least a month. plus i just need to sell what i have that is not a rug. ive loads of kiddie hats and wash cloths and face scrubbies…hopefully theyll go fast enough. ive also got a few rugs and potholders made from rags. rag rugs were the first saleable things i made from crochet. they were my first etsy items. ive sold 4 i think. which is great considering most of the linen was from our linen closet or a friends and was free to source. the time it takes to cut up the sheets and attach any loose strips and then crochet the rug itself is where the cost lies. ill have to sit down and really think about that. Some might think Ekra might be overpriced because it’s a rag rug but then her designs are very aesthetic compared to most rag rugs and it is a handmade item. it takes time to make these things and time, as we all know, is money. lets say it takes her 3 hours to create that cat rug from cutting sheets to sewing on that tail. charging herself minimum wage to make it – 8 to 10 usd/hr takes us to just under 40usd labour to produce plus the cost of used linens – approx 2 usd and the cost of everything else. 50usd isnt so bad for the rug. she could probably charge more but then she wouldn’t sell many if she charged appropriately.

then i realize, this is how she makes her living. maybe i need to rethink my prices. its a scary place for a lot of crafters-what to charge for handmade goods. most people assume handmade=cheap and cheerful because a granny made it. but guess what? it takes a lot of time and a lot of effort to hand prepare products and consumers need to pay fairly for it.

ok no rants here. just love and crochet. oh crochet…i need to crochet now.
so the moral of the story is….im going to start a rag rug selling shop on etsy soon. will i keep the shop i already have? sure, why not. until all listed items sell, once i relist them. i need to change the name. i liked it at first but i think now it sounds to kitschy. id share with you but it would destroy my anonymity! one day i will reveal my true identity.

or not.

Love yourself!

the hook ooxo

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