spring guilt hath sprung

its 1130am and i’ve just sat down with my first cup of coffee of the day.  its saturday. saturday i have two cups of coffee in the morning. no sugar or milk just straight.  i really need to treat myself to an espresso machine one of these days. as much as i love my bodum press, nothing is better than a proper shot of espresso. id even go for one of the stove top espresso maker but apparently ceramic hobs aren’t ideal for those. damn you ceramic hob!! next time, normal elements on my stove top or how about gas…oh yes.

anyway, its saturday. its sunny outside. spring has finally arrived in our part of the country. Ireland is such a magical island, theres beauty everywhere and in everything. they complain about the rain but the rain is what gives this place its beauty.
the moss growing on the rooftops, the little purple flowers growing out of walls, the blanket of green over the forest floor and of course, all of the rainbows in the sky. i remember the first time i saw a double rainbow. i thought i was the first to see such a thing..and how rare they must be and now i cant even count how many ive seen. i love when family and friends come to visit and they get to see one.

the sun. she’s out shining in all of her glory and as much as i should go outside, i don’t wanna! and im not gonna! im going to squint out through the window and appreciate the sun for a bit, knowing ive already taken my daily dose of vitamin d for the day, and then im going to pull a blanket over me, possibly close the curtains and watch a bit of tv. ive got a little crochet project i can work on. a little thinking to do. the cats are fed and will be cuddled shortly. the husband is still sleeping and there are frozen pizzas for dinner.

today is my day and im not going to feel bad because the sun just happens to be shining.

seriously? not even a cloud in the sky? this is Ireland isn’t it? itll rain in 20 minutes anyway.

no guilt.

Love yourself,

the hook. xoxo

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