fyp, asap, pls&ty

how do you motivate someone when you, yourself need motivation.

my husband is in his last year of his undergrad and his final year project is due this thursday. he handed in a rough draft just last friday and only today began working  on his intro and ending pages.

in a way its not my business, its his course. but it affects our life together greatly.

he asked me to be a nag, when this year began. we discussed it and he said he wanted me to get on his case and push him when he was procrastinating, and i have actively taken up that role, and enjoyed it sometimes. im a sucker for a bit of confllict. but when is enough, enough?

he no longer keeps a normal schedule. he is nocturnal. he stays up playing video games and watching saturday night live best ofs everynight then sleeps most of the day away. i ask how the paper is coming along and he gets snippy. i remind him im only doing what he asked me to do…and he gets frustrated with me…which is really him getting mad at himself.

i know he’ll get it done, as im the same way and people nagging me never made me work faster.

so i guess ill just trust in him to get it finished. he can do it.

he has to do it.

the hook oxooooooo