on and off the hook

Having a great day so I thought I’d post a bright, happy picture of the first practical thing I have ever crocheted – a blanket for my friend’s baby back in 2010.
I had just been taught how to crochet by a close friend of mine, who is hugely talented in many arty ways, and I had a blanket I’d been knitting for another friend who’d had her baby a few months before. The knitting wasnt working out so well.  It had taken me ages to do. And then I pulled it apart and decided to crochet it instead. I figure, as long as the kid,s still in diapers when i give it to him, it still counts as a baby shower gift…just a bit late.  Who knew I was speedy Gonzalez at crochet! I whipped that blanket up in days! 2 ft x 2 ft in a multicoloured bamboo yarn. it was gorgeous! everyone loved it and I couldn’t believe I’d finally finished something.
That was it.

The crochet bug had bit and I’ve been hooked ever since…oh ya that pun was intended AND horrible. I’m not apologizing.

After that I made hats for friends children on request and not by request, decided to open up an etsy shop and a page on Facebook. I’ve made rugs out of old bed linens and face scrubbers from cotton yarn. I’ve only made a handful of sales but I just love creating something from a skein of yarn.

I even tried my hands at cutting up plastic bags and rolling them into ‘plarn’ (plastic yarn) then crocheting a bag out of it.

I love crochet…and Im actually pretty good at it.

I had my weekly therapy session today. this is my fifth session and I can’t believe how much I’ve already changed inside. I knew I needed to talk to someone, I feel most of us do and only some of us actually avail of it. I know money can be an issue but if you really want it you’ll figure out a way. I know there are many student therapists out there who need hours and don’t charge a penny.
anyway, Jo is great. just to be able to talk to her without having to listen to her stuff. sometimes you just gotta be selfish and talk about yourself. i know she’s providing a service and its her job but she’s so warm about it, it feels like im talking to a friend. without having to reciprocate. which is nice sometimes.
Her perspective is refreshing and has already altered the way i interact with those i love and those i don’t.
I actually called my mother and apologized for how i am with her sometimes. how i feel in competition with her and tend to do the opposite of what she says just to spite her. after Jo made me realize, all my mum is doing is wanting the best for me. As a child, i feel we lose sight of our parents true intentions and feel they are just always out to get us and nag us into submission when the fact is all they’re saying is ‘i love you and all i want is whats best for you and that’s the only motive behind me giving you my opinions and advice’.

that was a huge epiphany for me. to finally clue in. no, she’s not really muttering under her breath that im a failure..shes sighing in hope and prayer that one day ill realize that all she’s doing is loving and supporting me.

it really is amazing what a little perspective can do in your life.

Love yourself,

the hook

p.s. im baking a banoffee cheese cake tomorrow for my man’s 30th. i might be too deep in a sugar coma to write.